Dessert Kebabs

For the 2nd Philadelphia food bloggers meet-up, we made dessert kebabs. We didn't intend for them to look as gaudy as they did (for evidence of absurdity, visit this picture of one on Foodaphilia -- Mark is a super model). In fact, we envisioned them much smaller, and, um, subtler. In fact, though we'd definitely remake dessert kebabs in some form again, I doubt that we'd use this version unless the event called for extravagance.

It's kind of silly to post a recipe for dessert kebabs, since you could really add anything you like. We chose chocolate-dipped rice crispy treats (from the crispy-treat recipe on the side of the box), chocolate-covered strawberries (self-explanatory), brownie cakes baked into mini-muffin tins and star fruit. For the brownie cakes, we used a recipe from Cooks Illustrated that I will not post, since I do not recommend it. In fact, they were supposed to just be brownies, but we had to call them brownie cakes when they turned out less fudgy than expected.

Our only main instruction is to skewer the chocolate-dipped items immediately after dipping to prevent cracking. Also, star fruit are delicious, and you can swipe your extra pieces through chocolate as well for some pre-kebab snack.