Apple Cider Chicken

Finally, apple season! Loves the apples. In fact, apples are in the running for ... theme of fall! Other candidates include the color orange, cinnamon, and locally-grown gourds. Election results expected by early next week.

Tonight, apple chicken. Sort of in honor of Rosh Hashanah, but mostly because we found some beautifully fresh apples at the farmer's market on campus.

We started looking for apple-stuffed chicken recipes online, but most of them looked really cheesy and unappetizing. When in doubt, Google, so we looked up "healthy apple chicken," and found this recipe for apple cider chicken on Eat Well. It looked sort of grandmothery, but we took the risk.

In only 30 minutes, we created a really wonderful and comforting meal. It definitely tasted old-fashioned, but it wasn't heavy or fattening. The recipe was designed to be light, and we cut even more calories by nixing the sour cream and searing the chicken in a light cooking spray instead of oil. Try it on a cool fall evening, we certainly will be doing it again.