Healthiest Lasagna

Yesterday, Alex was craving lasagna. We'd been talking about making one, but I've dropped red meat, and neither of were drawn to the idea of consuming pounds of ricotta cheese. (Correction: Reading this over my shoulder, Alex says: I was drawn to the idea of eating pounds of ricotta, I love ricotta). Regardless, it was going to be healthy. Enter vegan lasagna.

We'd each had vegetable lasagna before, but a recipe we found on Healthy Living NYC called for a tofu pesto instead of cheese, and replaced regular pasta with whole wheat pasta. We were intrigued, and decided to take up the challenge.

Admittedly, it was more of a challenge than we expected. This meal took over three hours to prepare. There are a lot of steps, and a lot of components. Yet the results were completely worth it. The tofu pesto tasted so good! We kept eating it plain, and it definitely provided the same texture as the cheese would have. And even though the recipe is already low-calories, we cut some more oil by steaming the spinach instead of sauteeing it. Even Alex, lasagna snob and vegan skeptic, admitted that it tasted not only like real lasagna, but delicious in its own right. Phew.

Check out the recipe here: http://www.healthylivingnyc.com/food/recipe/16