The theme is mint, and other reasons to garden

At the beginning of the summer, Alex and I voted, and the results were split 1-1. He voted for garlic. I voted for mint. So the theme of the summer is mint.

In part, the theme is a sorry attempt to resurrect my summers spent at sleepaway camp, but it has also been useful in providing us with some culinary direction, particularly since we decided to grow it in our personal urban garden/window box.

After deciding that it would be financially prudent to grow our own herbs, we phillycarshared it to Home Depot and purchased two boxes, some soil and pots of cilantro, basil, thyme, rosemary, and, of course, mint.

The result? Overwhelming success. Simply keeping the plants healthy and pruned has given us enough produce for weekly batches of mint limeade and mojitos, as well as pesto and rosemary and thyme for seasoning. Sadly, we had to uproot the cilantro after it mutated into a stalk of white flowers, but we plan to replace it soon with perhaps parsley. Still, great tastes and highly cost-efficient. Look at how lovely: