This Blog

We never explained who we are, and since we may actually continue to post, we thought it might be wise. Our names are Alanna and Alex -- we are students at the University of Pennsylvania and we love to cook.

A Jewtino, Alex has inherited incredible culinary skills from his Colombian mother and expert-chef father. According to legend, they sentenced him to 18 years of slave labor in the kitchen, catering holiday meals for millions of relatives. He loves his knives, the grill, and smelling like bacon.

More talented at finding recipes online than actually concocting them, Alanna is trying desperately to learn how to cook. Once, in high school, she tried to make flan and accidentally dumped the batter all over the oven. Her favorite foods include cotton candy and salads with fruit. Alex is her teacher.

We are obsessed with farmer's markets.

We wanted to blog because we know how difficult it can be to cook in a collegiate kitchen. These recipes are meant to be healthy and cheap, and accessible for those preparing in limited environments such as ours. Let us know what you think.