Curried Lentil and Spinach Soup

hearthy [har-thee]
-adjective, hearth-i-er, hearth-i-est
1. heart-healthy
2. warm and cozy, like the feeling you get when sitting around a hearth
3. filling (syn. hearty, as in a stack of pancakes for breakfast)

We had to invent this word because no other so accurately describes tonight's dinner. Curried lentil soup is extremely hearthy -- lentils are proven to lower cholesterol, and the dish is satisfying and filling despite being low in calories. Still need convincing? Here are the stats:

Cost: $20 (we doubled the recipe, which intends to serve 4)
Calories: 479 per serving, and it's pure protein
Time: about an hour, start to finish
Difficulty: Easy

Check out the recipe here on Epicurious. We threw some chicken bullions into the water to add flavor, as per the advice of the reviewers. Also, be sure to add enough salt.