Dear Two Fat Als: A Thank-You Note

I am pleased to announce that a TFA recipe has facilitated the hook-up of a dear friend and loyal reader. The friend concocted our peanut-butter brownies, posted earlier this month, to top off a meal prepared for a potential suitor. Needless to say, he was swooning.

Read on for excerpts from the gchat:

dear two fat als
Sent at 11:21 PM on Sunday
Lilian: i'm writing to thank you for including the wonderful peanut butter brownie recipe. Without it, i don't know what I would have done last night
me: can I write that it helped you "get ass"?
Lilian: i was attempting to prepare a knockout meal in order to seduce a friend of mine/get some ass after two months of hanging out on a regular basis and not getting it on.
of course
me: thanks
Lilian: although we didn't get to the brownies (so perfect with the ganache!)
me: what?!
Lilian: until the very end of the meal
me: oh phew
Lilian: the aroma of the deliciousness permeated the entire evening
me: nice
Lilian: as you can guess, i got what i was looking for
thanks for helping to end my sexual frustration

Woot, woot!