Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes with Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting

Lord almighty, these cupcakes are superb. I'd been searching for an autumny cupcake recipe to crown my meal, and I was so excited when I found one on a blog that I have recently been reading obsessively, Pinch My Salt. Now, ordinarily, I would have had to modify a recipe like this one to cut fat, but here it was already done for me! In the spirit of Halloween, I topped some of them with these hilarious googly-eye gummy candies, and the rest with candy corn, as the recipe suggests.

Here are some wonderful things about this recipe:
1) The cake part is not too crumbly and dry; thanks to the canned pumpkin and yogurt, it is moist and soft and chewy
2) The pumpkin flavor: subtle, unexpected, pleasing
3) Best frosting ever
4) Easiest frosting ever
5) Chocolate

I'd say more, but I think we'd all rather look at the pretty pictures. Click here for the recipe!