Dear Two Fat Als: Latke Question!

Dear Two Fat Als,
I would first like to say that your blog is officially my newest guilty pleasure. It is absolutely wonderful. The writing is superb and the pictures are perfect. And the food, whoa the food, tops it all off! I seriously am in love with TwoFatAls. Ok enough of my creepiness. So I am headed to DC this weekend to go the a holiday party that my sister and her roommates are throwing. I plan to debut my new cooking desire at this party by recreating some of your delicious recipes. So far I am planning on making peppermint bark (which I already made this past weekend and it was yummy), the fig/blue cheese cracker deals, and the crispy baked latkes. Any other suggestions that you think would be good holiday fare? I have one slight problem though. My sisters place has no food processor and no grater. She said she will try to get a grater. Is it ok to grate the potatoes and onions here on Friday before I head to DC for the party Saturday evening? Do the onions need to be grated (into a mush) or sliced thinly? Let me know if you get a chance!
Obsessed with TFA (aka Maki)

Dear Obsessed,
You flatter. We are obsessed with you too. Unfortunately, we don't recommend preparing the potatoes or onions in advance -- the potatoes will oxidize and turn gray, and the onions will be smelly and kind of gross. Graters are pretty cheap though, and you shouldn't have trouble finding one. Also, you are probably better off dicing the onions with a knife than grating them to avoid the mush factor. As for the figs, you can definitely mash them up with a potato masher or even a fork -- no food processor necessary. And finally, you might consider whipping up some homemade drinking chocolate. It's so yummy and will go great with your peppermint bark. Good luck!
Two Fat Als