Until college, I couldn't cook. My high school friends still tease me, and my parents remain unconvinced that I do anything more than write for this blog. I'm sometimes surprised myself, especially when we make something that I always presumed just grows on store shelves. Take gnocchi, for example. I found the recipe while trolling through blogs this morning, and my immediate response was: No way! People make these? Apparently. And Alex informs me that they make other store-grown products like pasta and butter as well. Who knew?

But then I thought: Well, if I'm unfamiliar with homemade gnocchi, they must be difficult to make. Scanning the recipe for confirmation, I realized that I had made yet another incorrect assumption -- it seemed completely reasonable, and we decided to try. For my grand-finale surprise, it worked!

I'll just put it out there: gnocchi are really cute. Like baby potato clouds or pasta fluffs. I love the way they pop to the surface of the water when fully cooked, and how they taste delicious with virtually anything. We topped ours with with a homemade pasta sauce and some freshly shaved parmesan.

Here's the recipe from Smitten Kitchen, who never ceases to come up with amazing recipes for us to replicate with moderate success.