Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzels are like eggs - tasty and pretty hard to screw up. Also like eggs, you can dress them down (like scrambled eggs) or dress them up with lots of bizz (like a fritatta!).

So, when it came time for Alanna to make dessert for 20 of her friends, we immediately thought to make chocolate covered pretzels. Thanks to some inspiration and instruction from her mom, we were very successful in making a whole array of delicious chocolaty creations.

Here's the basic idea:
1) Melt some dark chocolate (try Trader Joe's "Pound Plus" or just some chocolate chips) in a tall water glass in the microwave. ~45 seconds stirring every 15
2) Dip pretzels in the chocolate.
3) Put stuff on melty chocolate.
4) Put creation on wax paper and refrigerate.

See? Pretty easy, right? Check out the pictures...

Drizzled with white chocolate

Dipped in coconut

Dipped in mini M&Ms