Mocha Icies

Knowing that we'd be working on various graduate school applications and this blog late into tonight, we decided give dessert a little kick. No, not alcohol (it's not that bad ... yet), but sweet sweet caffeine. This is a low-cal version of the frappachino, and I think ours would have tasted the same, except we perhaps did not blend sufficiently and kept swallowing ice chunks. Still loves it. You can make it as sickly sweet as you like by adjusting the sugar content, and the whip makes it extra yummy.

soy milk (or really any milk)
chocolate syrup
whip cream

Add about 3 cups of ice to blender. Pour coffee 3/4 up the ice. Pour milk until it is level with the ice. Add as much sugar/sweetener as you want (probably like 3 tbsp) and about 3 tbsp of chocolate syrup. Blend, and top with whip!